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The Colorado Academic Library Association (CoALA) Presents: The 2014 Library Instruction UNconference

to be held on August 1 at Regis University from 9a-3p. It's FREE! No registration is required (sign-in upon your arrival).

Please plan to bring whatever snacks and drinks you will need during the day. An ice-filled cooler will be available to keep your items chilled. Bring your own lunch or venture out for lunch with Unconference participants. See to Places to Eat for lunch ideas.

Location: Mountain View Room ~ Claver Hall ~ Regis University in Denver.

BYOT - Bring your own technology! The Mountain View Room has wireless internet connectivity, so bring those laptops and tablets!

Regis University Lowel campus map

Map of Regis University Lowell Campus with Claver Hall Marked

It's All About Library InstructionEdit

This is the perfect opportunity for librarians who teach in higher education (or who might be teaching in their future library careers) to come together to engage in participant-driven conversations about instruction topics that matter to them. Welcome, too, are school librarians interested in discussing college & school library instruction relationships - or public librarians interested in similar ways to engage with their local college libraries.

The UN-conference format is being used to facilitate those participant-driven conversations. What is an unconference? One in which the content isn't planned ahead of time - attendees propose the topics they want to discuss the day of the conference. It is, in other words, held freestyle. See: [1].

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